This is the story of three young women, Zoe, June and Lynn.

Last year Zoe, June and Lynn applied to do a Bachelor of International Business at a university.  In preparation for the degree, Zoe studied this Academic Vocabulary course online in her free time, but June and Lynn did not.  Early this year, all three did a test on the Academic Wordlist and June scored 25%, Lynn got 69%, but Zoe achieved 88%.

June and Lynn soon discovered Zoe’s secret and started studying this course in their free time as well. Two months later they did another test with some surprising results: June 78%, Lynn 89%, and Zoe 97%! 

This course definitely expanded the vocabulary knowledge of these three students and it can do the same for you!  Just continue studying the ‘Academic Vocabulary’ course online like Zoe, June and Lynn did and you will start to see positive results.