Using your notes from the listening exercise answer the following questions.
You can either type your answers in the notepad provided or you can write them on a piece of paper. Answers to the questions are listed, one per exercise. Click 'Show' to view the answer.

  1. What is the purpose of the Surgeon General?

  2. How many people in the United States are regular smokers?

  3. At what age are many people addicted to cigarettes?

  4. What are the three main reasons teens start smoking?

  5. Why do most teens start smoking?

  6. What does the expression 'test the waters' mean?

  7. When thinking about authority figures, why might a teenager to start smoking?

  8. Why are young people such a huge market for tobacco companies?

  9. How much more likely is it for characters in film to smoke than people in real life?

  10. How does smoking in films cause young people to try it?

  11. What are the three effects of smoking that are mentioned in the lecture?

  12. Why are the chemicals found in cigarettes particularly dangerous?

  13. Why do many smokers get respiratory infections?

  14. What are the two ways that smoking damages the lungs?

  15. Name one of the two respiratory illnesses that are mentioned in the lecture.

  16. Why doesn’t a smoker quit when he realizes it is causing him health problems?

  17. What is the informal term for dopamine?

  18. Why does smoking make a person feel good?

  19. According to the speaker’s conclusion, why don’t teenagers realize the dangers of smoking?

  20. What are two ways that people are trying to discourage teens from smoking?

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